Every Time He Leaves Anna Karington


Every Time He Leaves
Anna Karington
Publication date: September 25th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


I’m different now. I won’t be that girl again. I’m in control. I’m the one who’s going to leave him wishing he’d given me his everything when he had the chance…

Lana Raeven and Jarek Dean shared a night of passion, but the next morning, she woke up alone. Nine years later, Lana works as a successful event coordinator for a prestigious company. Bold and confident in every area but love, she hasn’t ever recovered from Jarek’s abandonment. However, a chance encounter with her former lover grants her an opportunity to take back her power.

Rather than chastising him for his cruelty, she plays unfazed and invites him back into her life. Using her ingenuity and sensuality as weapons, she draws him in with the intention of destroying him as he once destroyed her. But her plan for revenge isn’t as simple as she initially believed, for the more time she spends with Jarek, the more she’s reminded of why she loved him. And if she isn’t careful, she could lose him all over again.


My Review: Overall this is a really good read.   I found the family drama believable.  If you are a person that has a dramatic family with a lot of issues you may even find it stomach churning, because not everyone has this perfect family existence.   In fact, the family drama is what made this a page turner.

The romance between Lana & Jarek developed over time, although I will say that Jarek must have some serious patience because Lana is vindictive.  I get being a woman scorned but damn… He really must love her cause seriously.  It made me cringe a couple of times.

The writing was pretty stellar especially for a debut.   I love reading debuts because if you like it you can watch the author grow with each novel and I will be excited to see that occur with this series.    I really enjoyed the story but seriously guys Lana is a hell of a woman scorned, but given her life I don’t think I can blame her.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review, as always the opinions are my own.  Thank  you Xpresso Tours for allowing me to take part of this tour.

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