21 months and counting and OH I GOT FIRED

This article accidentally published yesterday when it shouldn’t have… I started writing it and scheduled it but never went back and edited it to be accurate.

So my dear friends I am 100% doing that today and yes this is going to be a somewhat negative post about life circumstances.

In short this past month absolutely sucked and there is nothing I can do about it… I got fired from my job because I wasn’t a “good fit” which honestly is a load of shit.

I overheard my boss talking about what a worthless human I was… seriously not exaggerating and I said I was going to HR the next day to another manager… and then I was fired (can’t trust ANYONE seriously).  I got my verbal (for dress code, I wore a hoodie one day when it was freezing mind you this was over a month before I got fired and believe me I never wore it again I just froze while they made me chase down maintenance because it was too “cold” ) got my written warning for being unprofessional (I mean I said I was going to HR I guess that isn’t very professional… but  so is screaming at another person about how worthless you are because you didn’t have enough “cups for a meeting” and being loud enough that I over hear it) and terminated all within 30 minutes of each other.  I mean go big or go home am I right?

I was fired because I wasn’t liked and you know what I am 100% ok with that because I gave 100% to that job even though they changed my job title within 2 days of me starting that job… because they had to move another person (due to her lack of professionalism… co-worker words not mine, she was actually the only one ever willing to help me understand HOW to do the job) to another position so they put me in her position.   So while I was hesitant to take that job because I knew I didn’t exactly meet the qualifications I truly tried to learn it as fast as I could and I guess at the end of the day I fell short.

I mean shit is what it is and at the end of the day I truly did my best and I was planning on leaving in two years anyway to teach abroad so the only thing I am missing is the paycheck.   I do not want to work with horrible humans and at the end of the day that is what that person is seriously EVERYONE talks about how horrible, petty, superficial she is… I should have listened to them from day one… but I was being objective and gave her the benefit of the doubt.  Hell an ENTIRE team has gone to HR on her and yet she is still employed.  Seriously I get mad just thinking about the entire situation. Then I realize it was just a job and seriously do you want to work for a person that bitches about you not wearing heels but feels it is appropriate to walk through an office barefoot??? So much happened in my short time there that I am reminded yet again corporate America is simply NOT for me.

So what does this mean for my plans…

well I am still going to China ( I mean it is 100% paid for and non refundable so yeah there is that) and I am going to have a great time.

When I come back I will have to find a new job to at least pay the bills but again it is going to make me cut my expenses even further which isn’t really a bad thing the less I spend the more I can save for when I get a new job.

I am hoping that I find something within 2 weeks of me getting back from China so I don’t have to dip into savings.  I think I am still ok and on track to leave by my date… this is just a speed bump and God know I have encountered plenty of those in my life time.

So that is the real month countdown and we will see where I am come March 1st and seriously friends if you ever encounter a speed bump in your dreams just pick up the pieces and keep moving forward and don’t ever let a person stand in your way.



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