21 Bucket List things I CAN accomplish this year

Lately my blog has been boring to me, I realized early this year I was not going to accomplish much travel and it led me to just focus on reading and watching a lot of Netflix.  Not really much to blog about there.

This morning I was looking at my actual bucket list (not the one on this blog) trying to find something that I could accomplish this year. I told myself when I turned 30, I would tackle 5
“bucket list” items a year.

So far I have accomplished one: para-sailing which I still need to write about. As I am not really traveling too much more this year I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to tackle those non travel goals. So I looked at my list (it has over 1000) and decided I would tackle a few of the items on there.

I found 21 items that I realistically can tackle between now and 2016, and while only a few are travel related (I am going back to Disney and there are multiple things at Disney that are on my bucket list that are Disney related.) most are things I want to accomplish that do not require traveling. I really need to add more to my bucket list on this site, because I really do want to accomplish more than travel 🙂

My list:

1. Try 15 different types of Ethnic Cuisine
2. Take a cooking class
3. Write my book
4. Go Ice Skating
5. Learn to say Hello in 25 languages
6. Make a quilt to donate
7. Learn to eat with chop sticks
8. Try to paint with Bob Ross
9. Save one month of expenses in my emergency fund.
10. Give up caffeine
11. Watch every James Bond movie
12. Take a jumping photo
13. Start a cookbook of my favorite recipes
14. Go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show
15. Eat fried bubble gum at the State Fair of Texas
16. Bake an apple pie from scratch
17. Go on a ghost tour
18. Go on the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot
19. Go to Mickey’s “Very Merry Christmas” party
20. Drink a Gran Marnier Slush in France at Epcot
21. Eat something from the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot

What would you like to accomplish this year?

Featured Image Credit: TheMiniMillionaire.com

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