22 months and counting!


Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope you have a rock star 2018. 

Oh my! Now that the holiday’s are over I can get my life together and focus on budgeting and saving more money.    I am going to China in one month but thankfully I have been saving cash slowly and will not be dipping into savings as I have actually budgeted and allocated money to spend while in China.   I feel very adult like, I budgeted 🙂  Plus I really focused on things I can get in China… like do I really need that caffeine shot that is a bowl of noodles in Chengdu!  Or I don’t need that purse I can buy three pairs of silk PJ bottoms with that money.

Seriously thinking like that will save you a LOT of money.  I promise.

Let me go ahead and jump into the savings numbers for the month.

I have saved a total of $900.78: Remaining Reach Saving Goal: $35,099.22 approx. 2.57% of  my reach goal.  It is 17.67% of my I am willing to leave at anytime goal. 

When I set an initial “baby” goal of 2k and I really did not realize how fast I could get to that number.   While I am excited to be half way to the “baby” goal I have to admit I am sad that I have blown so much money prior to now because if I am able to save this much money in such a short time that is strong indication I BLEW way too much money.  Oh my god.

Debts– I handled two small collections accounts that were on my credit.  I am going to be honest I am not too worried about my credit score right now because I just went through a MAJOR debt over haul to get my life back on track.   That being said any debts I can get taken care of right now I am doing it.  I rather save a little less money and have less debts than the other way around.

Also I think it is fair to note, I am not planning on financing a car or house any time soon so I can be a little “whatever” about my credit score.   I have time on my side to not only get out of debt and save money but let my credit take a hit to get my money and finances back on track.   This is not for every one but based on my personal situation it was the right decision for me.

Truthfully I do not have much of an update for this month as it is not really different from my 23rd month countdown.  I suspect most will be like this until I get within a year of leaving. So I will just jump into my 3 baby goals for the month.

  1. Get to $2,000.   I am still working on this goal, which if everything goes to plan I should hit it by time I do my next countdown post.
  2. Start my TEFL course.   I plan on writing a full post on this because oh my god y’all finding a TEFL course that meets all requirements and helping you be competitive is overwhelming.
  3. Handle my toll road debt– UGH! Guys I have truly been putting this off far too long.   When I was unemployed I ran way too many tolls… and now I owe way too much money.  Sadly while I can’t mitigate this debt it is a debt that must be handled prior to departure.  They do set up payment plans and the plan lasts 11 months, so given my current time frame and I know in 11 months time I will be in my window of departure I have to take care of this now.

So those are my three goals for January.   The first week of February I will be in Chengdu but I have budgeted and allocated money for that trip.  I will not be touching my Teach Abroad Fund.   I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal but once upon a time I would have spent the extra money per check and charged my trip or dipped into my measly savings.   So this is a big thing for me.

Things I learned:

I literally can teach English anywhere and every time I look into a new country “I just have to go there” While I truly think I will end up in China, I may not.  It will be interesting to see where I do end up though.

There are so many options out there for TEFL take your time to research and find the perfect program for you!

When ever I transfer money to savings I am disappointed I spent money haha it is fun to come up with ways to make the fund grow anyway possible.

Once you really decided to do this it is so amazing and you realize just how true all those blogs are your life does start to change the minute you decide to start doing this.

I have enough miles to buy one way pretty much anywhere in the world.  I have one credit card now that is my miles card.  I use it for all my bills and expenses and pay it every pay period.    I am racking miles because I figure the more miles I have prior to leaving the better.   It also has no foreign transaction fees and I can use it almost anywhere so it is the one card I kept when I decided to mitigate all my debt.

It is time to plan for some car maintenance 🙁 While I am in China I am putting my car in the shop to take care of an issue.  Totally sucks but considering this car HAS to last me until I leave I don’t have much of a choice.  It is also time to budget for new tires.  Seriously having to deal with a car sucks, I will be so glad when I can let that go.   If you are somewhere where you don’t have to own a car you are so lucky!

I am also making travel plans (yes I know that is not how you save but I realized I could be a little more lenient since I am planning on teaching abroad) I am only going to take a trip if I can save for it.  I am treating my teach abroad fund like a black hole once it goes in it is gone forever until I find my first job!





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