2018 Goals

In traditional fashion it is time for my for my annual”what I want to accomplish in the next year” post.  These are always funny to me because to be frank, I rarely accomplish half the crap I say I will mostly because I have a serious case of shiny object syndrome and change my mind as quick as the weather in Texas (which by the way it was 12 degrees yesterday… I mean the hell?).

That being said I do have some ideas that I would like to tackle and if I am able to I will.  If I do accomplish them the year will be pretty outstanding but if I don’t it will still be fun to reflect on my crazy notions.

Some of these goals are reaching but it will be fun to see what happens.

So without further ado my goals

  1. I would like to visit 5-8 new countries next year.    

My reasoning behind this is I am trying to make it to 40 countries before I am 40.  This is a pretty big bucket list goal.  I am 35 and I have 5 years left.   In order to hit my goal I need to visit 5.8 (like I can visit an eighth of a country lol)  countries a year until I am 40.    I currently have ideas for a few easy and quick trips.   Hopefully I can pull them off.     Wish me luck.

2. Read 250 books this year. 

I am back to commuting so the beauty of that is I can listen to a lot of audio books.   I love stories so I am not sure if this is even remotely feasible but I will try.

3. Read a book set in every South American & Caribbean Country.

It is no secret I love books set in destinations.  I have already read a book set in every state and Central American country, so it only makes sense to finish off the Western hemisphere.

4.  Save 6k.  

Yes while I am still planning on traveling as much as I can I do have a goal to teach abroad.  6k is my “willing to leave at anytime goal” and I do plan on saving it this year.   This will leave 2019 for me to save more and travel as much of the Western Hemisphere as I can.   I would like to be pretty much done with this part of the world when I move to Asia.   Call me ambitious. 😉

5. Pay off my car. 

Part of moving abroad plan is to be able to sell my car, that being said I would really like to not have a car payment in 2019 as that will allow me save the majority of my income.  So I am going to be very aggressive with my car this year.

6.  Pay off my toll debt

Groans.  I don’t think I need to explain this.

7.  Start my YouTube channel. 

I don’t know this seems fun, I mean internet trolls can be jerks but you know I think it would be fun to make videos of places I visit.

So there you go my goals for the New Year.  What are your goals? 



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