20 months and counting… and gaining perspective

OK I admit when I wrote this post  I was still pretty bitter about getting fired, but at the same time it felt damn good giving my side of the story.

It also made me realize that as my best friend Stacie puts it.. “time to shit or get off the pot”   Why am I always taking jobs that I am not suited for?  Why do I never jump and pursue my passions.

Truth is I dream to travel and I dream to have a job where I can work remotely.

So that is what I am pursuing and for the first time in life, I am excited.  I am excited to job search, I am excited to do what I want and pursue passions.   I finally feel like I am living and pursuing what I want.

This past month was AMAZING and I will be writing lots of posts.

Other than that not much to update on, I am still hunting for the perfect remote job and I am hoping to land one this month!

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