6 Movies Set in Japan YOU can stream NOW!

Working at VIPkid is probably one of the best jobs I have EVER had BUT it has a bit of downside.  Sometimes I have 3 hours between classes.  This inspires me to watch a LOT of movies so I decided I would start looking for movies set in certain locations and share with you guys! So this past week I crammed as many movies set in Japan as I could.  Some were fantastic some were eh… but all of them took me on a journey through Japan.  So without further ado… here is what I watched.


Honestly, no list about movies set in Japan can be complete without this documentary.   I have never watched it before and the whole time I was watching this I kept thinking “God I wish I loved sushi”  The dedication and LIFE committeemen that goes into his business is awe inspiring and something a lot of people can learn from.   This is an absolute must watch if you are needing your wanderlust for Japan to be filled.

This streams on Netflix


Awww this movie made me miss Brittany Murphy.   It also made me laugh so hard.   Now, I watched this movie years ago… and I do mean years ago (can you believe she has been dead almost 9 years???) but this time I found the movie very relateable whereas originally it wasn’t that memorable.   When she walks into the closed restaurant and ends up getting served…it was a very hilarious moment to me.   I have some crazy stories from the two times I have been to Asia and I don’t know why but I could relate to the lost in translation moments.   This is a warm fuzzy type of movie that I really enjoyed.

You can currently stream this one on Hulu

So I admit, this has been in my watch list for quite some time.   I have never actually watched this.   I learned about it when the whole “Did the Hunger Games rip off Battle Royale?” argument was a hot topic.   Well I am not sure if that is what happened but what I can tell you is this is seriously one deranged movie.    Seriously.  I started it after teaching all night and I thought it was so good I didn’t actually go to bed until almost 12.   This movie is very violent and not for the faint of heart.   Hell you have probably seen it already, but if you are wanting a Japan fix this might be a good one.  It is in Japanese but has English subtitles.

Streaming on Netflix.  You can also currently get it with a Showtime subscription. 

So I think Netflix quickly learned that I was on a “Japanese Movie”  kick and recommended this movie to me.  So of course I watched.  This movie is also in Japanese with English subtitles, but to be honest even if it was in English I don’t think I would understand what the hell was going on.   I think the wind was killing girls… I think (don’t worry that is SO not a spoiler, it happens in the first 30 seconds of the movie)?  This movie was a true trip.   I don’t even know if I can recommend this movie because it is so confusing but hell you might actually understand what is going on! ha!  If you are looking for movies set in Japan that take you on a crazy ride this one might be for you.

Streaming on Netflix.

I have watched this movie a million times it is one of my favorite films.   Although it makes me want to practice the one inch punch in case I get buried alive… ya know just in case.  Such a great movie and a must watch if you need a Japanese fix.

Now streaming on Netflix.

Now streaming on Hulu

Up next?  This week I am on a mission to find as many movies streaming set in Ireland that I can!  Comment below and tell me what country you would like featured! 

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