19 months and counting…

Hey everyone!

This post is a little late this month MOSTLY because I have been busy trying to streamline and get my life back under control.  As most people in my life know I am literally a tiny bull in a China shop so things like this often take much longer than they should.

This month I focused on attempting to find a way to streamline my finances and make sure I get things taken care of like I need to.  Mostly my few remaining debts and my dental work.

That being said when you have no income that can make these two goals hard.

I thought I had a little time before I had to worry about my dental work but of course that wasn’t the case.    Fortunately after a lot of research and shopping around I found a very affordable option to see a dentist and get dental work taken care of.   I plan on writing a full post on this very soon because believe me I know how stressful being uninsured can be and I want to help you the best I can.

So as far as a recap/countdown goes I don’t have much to report except I have been doing ok selling on Poshmark so that helps with my financial situation but there is absolutely NO room for anything extra.

I have completed about half of my TEFL and I am going to really try and get it finished this month.   I really want to have that certification asap so I can start teaching and getting valuable experience as my leave date draws closer.

I am hoping to start a YouTube channel soon, I have been a bit addicted to YouTube lately and I am hoping to start one.   I do not have a date on this just yet.

No savings updates this month but I am hoping to start those back up this Summer as think my money situation will change.

I didn’t read ANY books this month but  I am hoping to read many more this month.   I am currently reading The Last Empire by Brandon Sanderson.   This books has been on my to be read shelf for well over 2 years and I am loving it so far.

My favorite Netflix show this month was The Indian Detective.  A laugh out loud show that will be reviewed on this blog in the next few days!

My favorite Netflix movie was Radius which I will not be reviewing on the blog but I feel this movie is worth watching.   It is so good.   I picked it out as I thought it was going to make the bad Netflix list but I actually really enjoyed it.  My super picky brother loved it too.

What are my plans this month?

I am going to start making lesson plan files.   I really want to have a large database of lesson plans I can pull from when I teach abroad so this is something I can start working on now.

I am going to finish my TEFL.

I am going to start my dreaded dental work.

I am also going to go back to my “cooking around the world” goal, I am going to pick five countries this month and find recipes.  Wish me luck.

So not the greatest recap but at least I feel much better than I did the last two.

Yes the feature image on this post is of my fursibling Splinter.  Hahaha.  I am home a lot so I spend a lot of time with Splinter and Pepper as you can probably tell on my instagram.


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